Community Life

Englewood combines things that seniors want; supportive medical services, rehabilitation, fellowship, a beautiful residence and compassionate staff to create a healthy homelike environment. In addition, we continue to add options that promote healing and hope.

We know the more active our residents are the more likely they will feel healthy in both mind and body. That is why we encourage residents to visit our dining rooms, activity center, small group classes or head out for a facility sponsored shopping trip.


Enjoying the Area

Each day we offer delicious meals with food options to satisfy every taste. In addition, we stage daily events that encourage social and interactive engagement with other residents and staff. After breakfast meet up with a neighbor for coffee in one of our beautiful lounges and catch the latest neighborhood news. Plan the day according to how busy they wish to be. Visit the activity center to finish a puzzle or head to an exercise class to build up strength. Make sure to leave time to play cards with new friends and do not forget the evening activity, which may be a country and western singer, or some other exciting evening event that is sure to draw a smile.

Our staff has been carefully selected and trained to meet the needs of our residents. Whether the need is comfort or deciphering a unique illness our team will be there to support, encourage and provide the care needed.