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May 20, 2024

Your Leadership Link by Cullen S. Gibson, Vice President


The Order of Humility Within


humilityLeaders are moved from within. They have a vision that starts from the inside. They listen to what they hear inside. They have passion. They experience pain in the midst of passion. They are willing to be in pain. They call forth. They exemplify. They cast the vision for the people. It is bigger than themselves. They get how life works.

Be who you are made to be. As a result, you do what you are made to do. You have in life what you are made to have. In a good business, money is a by product of what leaders do well. Making great widgets and doing it well is an example of excellence.

So, let’s practice the habit of being somebody first (a humble leader), then doing (putting others first) and then having (reaping the rewards of hard work) – in that order.

Enjoy the day!