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Jan 15, 2024

Your Leadership Link by Cullen S. Gibson, Vice President


Public Speaking vs Communication


I am sure many of the leaders who are reading this edition are great communicators and even have a savvy for public speaking. Hats off to you if you are comfortable in getting in front of an audience. However, I did want to make a distinction between public speaking and communicating.

Here it goes:

Public Speaker Communicator

1.     Seeks to be understood and liked.

2.     Asks: What do I have?

3.     Focuses on techniques.

4.     Is self-conscious.

5.     Wants to complete the speech.

6.     Content-oriented.

1.     Seeks to understand and connect.

2.     Asks: What do they need?

3.     Focuses on atmosphere.

4.     Is audience oriented.

5.     Wants to complete the people.

6.     Change-oriented


May I propose that not all great communicators are great public speakers. Note the differences. A good leader may be a fine public speaker, and at the same time may be less than stellar in connecting and creating chemistry with people.

Have a great week!

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