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Aug 15, 2022

Your Leadership Link by Cullen S. Gibson, Vice President


Ten Succinct Truths

  • In about the same degree you help others you will be happy.
  • The people you choose to have around you will either build you up or tear you down.
  • Asking the right question is sometimes more important than having the right answer.
  • Many people are hanging on by a thread. Your presence can influence and help them.
  • In life there are no ordinary people. Nobody is ordinary. You are created in God’s image as extra-ordinary!
  • Be kind, helpful, generous, and noble no matter what the task.
  • Live as if you like yourself.
  • Never, never, never, give up.
  • Your character is the core of your persona. Don’t compromise the core.
  • There is much success when you are surrounded by many advisors.

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