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Jun 6, 2022

Your Leadership Link by Cullen S. Gibson


Acts of Compassion

Jesus Christ was often moved with compassion as He looked upon the plight of others. Compassion means “to suffer together” and Christ exemplified compassion as He desired to alleviate the sickness, pain, and hunger of those around Him.

Empathy, on the other hand, is the vicarious understanding of the plight and feelings of others and actively mirrors feelings of pain, loss, and suffering.

Feelings of empathy are “action-less.” Acts of compassion are tangible and real and exemplify extreme motivation to change the circumstances that are causing the pain, hunger, and suffering of others.

Compassion and empathy are inter-related. Our leadership roles require that we naturally and daily bestow these qualities among our peers and co-workers. In the absence of compassion and empathy, leadership is empty and cultures collapse. Compassion takes empathy to a higher level.

“It’s the brave choice to be with someone in their darkness.”

Have a momentous week!