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May 30, 2022

Your Leadership Link by Cullen S. Gibson


Memory, Recall, and Honor

Memorial Day was originally called “Decoration Day” and was initiated to honor the soldiers from the Union and Confederate armies who died during the American Civil War. By the late 19th century, the holiday became known as Memorial Day and was expanded to include the deceased veterans of all the wars fought by American forces.

If you are anything like me, my ability to remember a name or recall an event is slowly dissipating. It certainly has something to do with age or maybe it is due to information overload. However, the act of remembering someone special to us who has passed away is not difficult at all. These special people more than likely left an indelible imprint on our lives and Memorial Day causes us to honor them in special ways. It is on this day that I think of my Dad. Dad passed away in 2011 and although I remember many great things about him, I do recall that he seemed to never forget a name, a face, or a past event. He had the unique ability to retrieve names, numbers, past basketball scores, and even historical events that he lived through (he was a Korean War Veteran). I am sure many of you are thinking of similar individuals that had an impact on your life.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, let me leave you with these ten (10) thoughts:

    • Let’s honor the memory of those service men and women who gave their lives to protect our freedoms.
    • Let’s honor the memory of those individuals who have supported us and mentored us.
    • Let’s honor the memory of those employees who passed away this last year.
    • Let’s honor the memory of those residents who passed away this last year.
    • Let’s honor those who are currently serving in our armed forces.
    • Let’s honor God for the lives we live here in America.
    • Let’s honor those residents under our care that have served in the armed forces.
    • Let’s honor our employees by getting to know them better and engaging them in our culture.
    • Let’s remember to give thanks every day for abundant blessings.
    • Let’s remember not to give up hope and give it our best every day.

Enjoy your Holiday! May summer begin!