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TLC Wesleyan Business Overview

Accelerated Care Plus is a program that allows our therapy team to address a number of clinical conditions with effective treatment interventions. These conditions/interventions include contracture reduction, pain management, wound healing, fall prevention, muscle re-education, and incontinence improvement. Outcome analysis has demonstrated significant and consistent improvements utilizing the ACP modalities.

Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit
TLC Management recognizes the special needs of residents with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias. Wesleyan Health & Rehab has designed Touchstone Terrace as a Special Care Unit to meet the needs of these residents, while encouraging independence, safety, dignity and self-esteem. The programming on the unit is geared for providing the residents the opportunity for success in activities of daily living and leisure activities. The unit is secured for the resident’s safety. The environment is designed to be stimulating, comfortable and safe. The staff are specially trained to manage the unique needs of the residents and nurture their psycho-social needs.